A wedding in the Alps means incredibly beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and the atmosphere of unforgettable joy. We have special offers for just married couples!
Any event is worth particular attention, and even more so when speaking of a holiday. We in our hotel will be happy to help you make come true the most sophisticated of your ideas!
Lunches&Snacks directly at Walliser Alpentherme
Breakfasts at Maison Blanche Restaurant
One of the most picturesque restaurants - Maison Blanche - is located within the old building constructed back in 1645. Here, you may take one of the best breakfasts in the region - Royal Breakfast notable for the abundance and diversity of the meals. For ThermalHotels' guests, Maison Blanche restaurant proudly presents its breakfast table of the best European cuisine dishes. The restaurant's cooks create their oeuvres only with the best fresh products, and while having your breakfast, you may admire the excellent mountain landscapes right behind your window!
Sacré Bon
As is well-known, any restaurant's soul is its chef! Sacré Bon is one of the best examples of how one should take care of his or her guests' pleasure. Here, you will have an opportunity to taste both ultimately delicious dishes of the Swiss and French cuisines and the culinary inventions of our talented chef! And this will be garnished with refined side dishes and incredible sauces made of rare Alpine herbs. You will also admire the beautiful mountain panorama from Sacré Bon's summer terrace!
ThermalHotels' Bar / Lounge Area
In ThermalHotels' Bar and Lounge Area, you may talk to your friends sitting close to a warm fireplace and drinking a glass of good wine. And if you wish creating a romantic date, you should pay attention to our splendid terrace with its outstanding sight! Moreover, after ordering drinks at ThermalHotels' bar, you may hole up in the Therme under the open sky, and your order will be delivered there on floating tables!