The hotel's first building was constructed in 1645. The old building is a true monument to Leukerbad's history, so don't miss your chance to visit it.
In ancient times, thermal procedures used to be affordable only to the nobles, but now, you may benefit from this luxury as well!
The hotel is happy to provide you with a wide range of different special offers thanks to which you will have the best services, at the same time sparing your funds.

About hotel:

Leukerbad is a thermal resort located in Switzerland, on an altitude of 1,411 meters. Here, on the central square Dorfplatz, THERMAL HOTELS | LEUKERBAD is located. Its first building, namely Maison Blanche, was constructed back in 1645. This is the first hotel opened in this incredible region. The mountains surrounding the hotel make the panorama breathtaking. THERMAL HOTELS | LEUKERBAD also has its own thermal complex, with the staff making the guests’ stay comfortable and safe.

There is an underground passage joining the main building with the thermal complex. Therefore, your stay here will be not only comfortable and memorable, but also healthy.

THERMAL HOTELS | LEUKERBAD is a great place where everything is thought out to the last detail. We offer various wellness programs, set breakfasts, our excellent restaurant Sacre Bon where haute cuisine dishes are served, our SPA complex, open-air thermal spring with water temperatures of at least +36 degrees – isn’t that all a miracle? Moreover, our guests will enjoy some additional bonus services such as the tennis court, fitness gym, gaming zone, spacious family rooms, and the opportunity to stay with pets. THERMAL HOTELS | LEUKERBAD is an entire range of various services to make your stay in Switzerland comfortable and unforgettable.

Also, it is worth noting that the hotel’s guests may benefit from out package offers, with the opportunity of getting bonus free rest in the Therme.

The hotel is located 190 km away from the airport of Geneva, 230 km away from the airport of Zurich, and 196 km away from the airport of Milan. You may also order the transfer from the hotel to Switzerland’s closest airports.

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